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SC11 will feature the latest scientific and technical innovations from around the world. Bringing together
scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, programmers, system administrators and managers, SC11
will be the forum for demonstrating how these developments are driving new ideas, new discoveries and
new industries. The SC11 thrust is: Data Intensive Science; the theme is Connecting Communities; and the
technical program focus is on sustained performance. As we head toward yet another great conference, this
newsletter will serve as a resource for preparations, deadlines and news regarding the conference.


* Message from the Chair

* Register for SC11 Now and Save Money!

* State of the Practice Opens Technical Program to Broader Set of Attendees

* Visualization Showcase to Highlight the Beauty of Science

* This Year's Tutorial Program: Diversity & Outreach

* Match Wits with IBM's Watson at SC11

* Call for Interest: Be a Part of the SC Leadership Team

* 2011 HPCwire Readers' Choice Awards

* Fun Facts about Seattle

Message from the Chair

We look forward to having you join us in Seattle, November 12-18 for a fantastic conference in an amazing city.
Please be sure to register early to avoid paying a higher registration cost after October 17.

Jen-Hsun Huang, NVIDIA's co-founder, president and CEO, will deliver the SC11 keynote address at Seattle's Washington
State Convention and Trade Center on Tuesday, November 15. His talk will set the stage for an intellectually and compelling
week of connecting the global community in sharing challenges, opportunities, solutions and ongoing research and
development efforts for advancing the state-of-the-art in high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis.

The SC11 Thrust–Data Intensive Science–will be evident throughout the conference, from the Technical Program
sessions, to the Exhibit Hall, to the Communities Program.

SC11 will continue to provide the highest quality Technical Program of any conference. In addition to the traditional
quality offerings of invited speakers, papers, panels, tutorials, workshops, masterworks, BOFs, and posters, the following
are new Technical Program offerings during SC11:

• State of the Practice sessions that have drawn considerable interest among the community with 72 submissions, 26
of which were accepted.
• Scientific Visualization Showcase that will display scientific images and animations in a gallery setting
• Three days of workshops and tutorials on Sunday, Monday and Friday spanning introductory to advanced topics.

The Exhibit Hall will span two floors with more exhibitors than ever before. There will be some exciting demos you will
want to experience firsthand.

To culminate the week, we invite Technical Program attendees to a reception on Thursday evening at Seattle's famous
Space Needle. You will be able to see the Seattle skyline from atop the Needle on Thursday evening, as well as enjoy
food and entertainment with friends and colleagues.

Please share this information with your friends and colleagues and encourage them to join you in November to connect
with the global HPC community.

To help us plan for a great conference for you, please consider responding to this month's survey:

What sessions do you plan to attend this year?

Please share your suggestions and ideas by responding at

Scott Lathrop, SC11 Chair

Register Now and Save Money!

Register by October 17, and you can save up to $305! Conference attendees, exhibitor booth management, and media
professionals can find links to specific registration areas at the SC11 Registration web page. You will also find on-site
registration hours and a link to a grid showing access to sessions by registration categories to help you decide which
badge is best for your conference experience. One, two, and three-day "passports" are also available to those who
are only attending for a limited time.

For more information and to register,

State of the Practice Opens Technical Program to Broader Set of Attendees

State of the Practice provides three sessions per day, Tuesday through Thursday, featuring 26 accepted reports from
universities, national labs and vendors from the U.S., Asia and Europe. The 'inaugural' session on Tuesday will follow
the Technical Program focus of sustained performance with the presentation of reports on varying aspects of performance
measurement, benchmarks and metrics. State of the Practice presents the opportunity for all 'purveyors' and 'consumers'
of HPC to share and learn from each other's experiences. It also brings together a range of multi-million dollar HPC
centers and more moderate centers to highlight their experiences, implementations and 'lessons learned' for everyone to use.

This is also an excellent opportunity for vendors to learn for themselves how their customers are fielding and supporting
their technology products.

Best practice reports for monitoring and 'diagnosis' of supercomputing systems and infrastructure are well-represented
in the State of the Practice, and will include a panel on HPC 'health' monitoring featuring four leading HPC centers.

"The State of the Practice will open up the conference Technical Program to a much broader set of conference
attendees," notes Lawrence Berkeley National Lab's David Paul, chair of the new activity. "Our community is filled with
bright and dedicated professionals who provision some of the largest systems in the world. This venue will provide them
an opportunity to contribute their knowledge and experiences back to the larger community and to create a body of
knowledge that other organizations can tap into as best practices for their own deployments."

SC11 attendees should be aware that a Technical Program badge IS required to attend the State of the Practice sessions.

For more information:

Visualization Showcase to Highlight the Beauty of Science

Sometimes big data and big science can be as beautiful as great works of art.

The Scientific Visualization Showcase, the newest addition to the technical program, will display scientific images and
animations created by visualization programmers, animation specialists and graphic artists to help scientists view their
data in intuitive, visual and sometimes three-dimensional formats. The imagery, including still images, simulations and
models built from scientific data, will be presented on large-format LCD panels set up to resemble a gallery in the hallways
outside the convention center's 6th floor exhibit space.

"We want to show the SC audience how beautiful science can be and also highlight the important role that visualization
plays in understanding scientific data," said Kelly Gaither, director of visualization at the Texas Advanced Computing
Center and chair of the SC11 Scientific Visualization Showcase.

The featured visualizations capture a wide range of scientific phenomena. Among them are visualizations that illustrate
the properties of magnetic fields, turbulence and blood flow, simulations of an asteroid explosion, models that predict
the path of a hurricane and the flow of an oil spill, and a virtual recreation of the H1N1 virus.

Don't want to miss this exciting new addition to the SC11 lineup!

This Year's Tutorial Program: Diversity & Outreach

The review committee worked hard to bring you a diverse and balanced program this year. There will be presentations
on GPU programming, debugging MPI programs at scale, Parallel I/O, high performance linear algebra, new languages
such as X10 and Chapel, and many other valuable and interesting topics. There will also be a special outreach program
on Friday, the last day of the conference, that will focus on introductory material.

From 68 submitted tutorials, 30 will be presented at the conference. Four half-day tutorials will be offered on Friday.
The regular tutorials will occupy 12 rooms on Sunday and Monday and provide 144 hours of instruction
(90 of which will be hands-on).

This program will provide the quality and quantity of material researchers and students have come to expect from
the SC tutorial program.


Match Wits with IBM's Watson at SC11

Attendees at SC11 will have the opportunity to match wits in a game of Jeopardy! with IBM's Watson computing system.
Watson will be featured in a kiosk located on the 6th floor of the Washington State Convention Center, separate from
the main IBM booth. The kiosk is a version of the full IBM Power Systems-based Watson system that competed on the
game show.

The kiosk will offer four topic areas to explore, allowing attendees to learn more about the technology, the Watson
machine itself and next steps for the Watson system. The fourth of these areas is the Jeopardy! game. Those who
choose to compete against the machine will be able to see the probabilities Watson calculated in formulating answers.
Just as in the television version, contestants will be able to choose a question category and dollar amount, though
there will be no host, and contestants will be on their honor for scoring. In keeping with the theme for SC11, Watson
offers one more way of "connecting communities through HPC."

Call for Interest: Be a Part of the SC Leadership Team

Nominations for the George Michael Memorial HPC Fellowship Program Chair are now open and will close on
October 18, 2011.

The Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), IEEE Computer Society and SC Conference series established
George Michael Memorial HPC Fellowship Program in 2006. The fellowship seeks to help address the important issue of
training the next generation of HPC scientists and engineers. The award is overseen by a small committee of active
members of the HPC community. The SC Steering committee is seeking a chair for the term starting in 2012. To nominate
a person or to nominate yourself for the Chair position, send an email giving the candidate's name and a recent curriculum
vitae (CV) that highlights professional and society experience.

Please send letters of interest to Wilfred Pinfold at


Last call! Vote now for the 2011 HPCwire Readers' Choice Awards

The HPCwire Readers' Choice Awards are widely acknowledged as the most esteemed awards presented at SC each
year to industry and user organizations that have demonstrated excellence within the global HPC community.
This year's elections have proven to be more competitive than ever, with candidates in several key categories fighting
to take the lead - your votes can make the difference. This is your final opportunity to play a role in deciding the
winners and making your voice heard!

The polls are closing in just a few days... be a leader by taking a proactive stance and voting now. Only readers who
are active in the voting process will determine the outcome of this year's elections. Vote now for your favorite
candidates for the 2011 HPCwire Readers' Choice Awards! Cast your vote today!

The 2011 polls close on October 4, 2011. No late submissions will be accepted. Winners will be notified following the
election results. The final presentation of these prestigious and highly anticipated awards to each firm's leading
executives will take place live during SC '11 in Seattle, WA.


Polls will close on October 4, 2011. Winners will be notified following the election results. The final presentation of
these prestigious and highly anticipated awards to each firm's leading executives will take place live during
SC11 in Seattle, WA.

Cast your vote today!

Fun Fact about Seattle

Beneath the Aurora Bridge lurks a troll with a captured Californian Volkswagen Beetle in its clutches. During your
visit to Seattle, be sure to visit this Billy-Goats-Gruff-inspired piece, which was sculpted by four local artists who responded to
a Fremont Arts Council-sponsored art competition in 1990. The goal of the piece was to rehabilitate the area under the
bridge, which was having issues with dumping and drug deals. Visitors are encouraged to climb and interact with the
artwork even "poke its one good eye out" (a hubcap). Aurora Avenue North was renamed "Troll Avenue" in its honor in 2005.

For more information on the Fremont Troll:

Take an extra day or during your stay in Seattle to visit one of the mountains of the state of Washington. Located 54
miles southeast of Seattle, Mount Rainier is more than 14,000 feet above sea level. Hiking, backcountry, photography,
and driving tours are popular at the mountain. Fall colors are best from mid-October through November.
Visit for more information.

And do not forget about Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. This active volcano is approximately 96
miles from Seattle and has gradually returned to its natural state following the 1980 eruption. Many visitors tour the
volcano from above in a helicopter tour. Fishing, elk viewing, and horseback riding are also available to visitors.
Visit to learn more.


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