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SC11 will feature the latest scientific and technical innovations from around the world. Bringing together
scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, programmers, system administrators and managers, SC11
will be the forum for demonstrating how these developments are driving new ideas, new discoveries and
new industries. The SC11 thrust is: Data Intensive Science; the theme is Connecting Communities; and the
technical program focus is on sustained performance. As we head toward yet another great conference, this
newsletter will serve as a resource for preparations, deadlines and news regarding the conference.

Conference registration is open!
By registering now, you can save up to $250 off your technical program registration


* Message from the Chair

* Feature: Interview with Exhibits Chair, Trish Damkroger

* Feature: Reflections from a Past Exhibitor

* Early Adopters Ph.D. Workshop Deadline Extended

* Get Ready Exhibitors! (CRS) Begins Accepting Connection Requests on August 29
* Education Program Full of Opportunities: LittleFe, Four-Day Program, Grants, and Workshops

* 2011 HPCwire Readers' Choice Awards

* Navigating Seattle: Link Light Rail, Taxis & Shuttles

* Fun Facts about Seattle: Pike Place Market and Starbucks

Message from the Chair

Registration for SC11 is open, and we encourage you to register now to avoid late registration fees. The Technical Program
committee selected the best from among the largest ever set of submissions. These selections will ensure SC11 will
provide the community with a very high quality program spanning a range of timely topics of great interest to the community.

There are numerous opportunities to become involved in the Communities Program; for example, through Broader
Engagement and the Education Program.

The Exhibit Hall is nearly sold out. If you are planning to exhibit and have not yet made a commitment, please contact
us right away before all the space is taken!

SC11 will provide numerous opportunities for you to connect with colleagues as well as to form collaborations and

To help us plan for a great conference for you, please consider responding to our monthly surveys. We're going to
keep it short with one question for you this month:

       What can SC11 do to enhance your experience from previous years?

Please share your suggestions and ideas by responding at

We're looking forward to making SC11 in Seattle a tremendous conference experience for you.

Scott Lathrop, SC11 Chair


Feature: Interview with Exhibits Chair, Trish Damkroger

Trish Damkroger, exhibits chair from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, had to become quite the magician
this year–she has the daunting task of squeezing a growing conference into Seattle's convention center. With the help
of a few tricks up her sleeve, she promises attendees will have one of the best SC experiences ever.

"You will still find your favorite exhibitors," said Damkroger, noting that booth sizes had to be slightly restricted so
everyone can fit. "I think the attendees will like the energy level with the closer quarters." Exhibits will be split between
two floors (4th and 6th), and Damkroger and her team are doing "special programs" to entice attendees to the 6th floor.
"We do have some surprises for attendees that will be announced closer to the conference," said Damkroger, who has
volunteered on the committee since SC06 (Tampa).

Mum's the word on what that surprise is, but Damkroger is very vocal on how she enjoys making certain that both
exhibitors and attendees consider this conference a huge success–even with the space constraints.

"The full exhibit's team is what makes this role so wonderful," added Damkroger. "Without Hall-Erickson ( Exhibits
Management) and Freeman Decorating, I could not imagine trying to do this.

Feature: Reflections from a Past Exhibitor

More than six months prior to the SC conference, Richard Knepper, Manager of the Research Technology Core Services
Team at Indiana University (IU), was hard at work on IU's research booth–the sixth he has organized. IU has sent
representatives since the inception of the conference and has hosted a booth in the exhibits hall since 1998. The IU
booth is a unique consortium in that it also includes Purdue University, University of Notre Dame and Rose-Hulman
Institute of Technology-specifically designed to highlight the strong research community in Indiana.

The biggest positive the consortium has had from hosting a booth? Gaining visibility to grant-funding organizations.
"It gives us a platform," Dr. Knepper said, "to present to funders and decision makers and draw attention to all the
opportunities Indiana has to offer, which can lead to a considerable amount of research funding."

Dr. Knepper said the IU booth allows researchers, developers, and industry or government representatives "who would
not have met otherwise" to come together to form scientific development partnerships. "We want to work with (and support)
scientists. Whatever crazy ideas they have, we want to help."

Friendly "Knepper Advice" for smaller institutions and organizations interested in becoming an exhibitor: keep it focused.
"Bring whatever (you) have that is really good. Be clear about what you are presenting," Dr. Knepper said.
"(To be successful) content has to be really good, and people have to be focused on what they want to talk about
and what they want to provide."


Early Adopters Ph.D. Workshop
Submissions deadline extended to August 31

We cordially invite you to submit a poster paper to the Early Adopters Ph.D. Workshop 2011: Building the Next Generation
of Application Scientists.

This workshop provides graduate students who are adopting HPC an opportunity to present early-stage research and
gain valuable feedback. A group of expert reviewers with significant experience will be invited to come and critique
students' work and provide constructive feedback.

The goal of this workshop is to help students identify shortcomings, introduce new approaches, discuss new technology,
learn about relevant literature or define their future research goals.

For more information:

Get Ready Exhibitors! (CRS) Begins Accepting Connection Requests on August 29

The CRS is the online management system SCinet uses to accumulate requests for standard network connections
(such as 10- or 1-Gigabit Ethernet) and connections to be delivered as dark fiber either to another exhibitor booth or
to a SCinet location. The SCinet CRS is the principle method that exhibitors may use to identify, request, and manage
their network connection needs with SCinet.

SC11 Exhibits Management provides SCinet with an exhibitor contact list. On August 29, these initial contacts will receive
an email with a subject line of "Invitation to request SCinet connections." That email will contain login and password
information for the CRS. If you do not know the contact for your exhibitor/organization, please contact the SCinet
Helpdesk by sending email to

Connection requests may be submitted at any time beginning August 29. Please note that a late fee will be charged
for new connection requests after September 30; the CRS will close for new connections on October 21.

Accepting requests to participate: August 29 -- October 21
For more information:

Education Program Full of Opportunities: LittleFe, Four-Day Program, Grants, and

This year the Education Program will host SC's first ever LittleFe (co-funded by Intel Lab's University Program Office),
a portable mini-cluster of multiple nodes, whose primary focus is on turnkey classroom demonstrations of and exercises
in HPC, parallel programming, and CDESE. (Visit for more information on this cluster project.)

The Education Program also will host a four-day intensive program (Saturday, November 12 through
Tuesday, November 15) with plenary sessions, focused hands-on tutorials and birds-of-a-feather gatherings, as
well as formal and informal opportunities to interact with the full spectrum of conference attendees and exhibitors.

Limited grants are available to support teaching faculty from both secondary and postsecondary institutions.
International transportation grants, to attract attendees from around the world, are also available.

For more information:


Vote Now for the HPCwire Readers' Choice Awards 2011

SC11 is just around the corner, and each year the HPCwire Readers' Choice Awards 2011 are decided by our readers
across the HPC community to recognize the most outstanding organizations and individuals in the industry.
Polls are now open to select this year's winners.

Play a proactive role in the election process by voting for your favorite candidates for the 2011 HPCwire Readers'
Choice Awards now. It's been our privilege to deliver these awards at SC each year, but we can't do it without your
participation. Make your voice heard!


Polls will close on October 4, 2011. Winners will be notified following the election results. The final presentation of
these prestigious and highly anticipated awards to each firm's leading executives will take place live during
SC11 in Seattle, WA.

Updated Link to survey:

Navigating Seattle: Link Light Rail, Taxis, and Shuttles

The Seattle train service, Link Light Rail, operates from Sea-Tac (Seattle-Tacoma airport) to Downtown Seattle. Prices
range from $2.00 to $2.75. Be sure to purchase your ticket from a ticket vending machine (TVM) before you board,
because you cannot purchase tickets once on board.

The Link Light Rail service runs from 5 am to 1 am Monday through Saturday and 6 am to midnight on Sundays.
Trains arrive and depart every 7.5 to 15 minutes depending on the time of day. The Sea-Tac airport station is located
on the fourth floor of the Airport Garage.

Taxis and shuttle services are also available at the Sea-Tac airport. Taxi service between the airport and Downtown
Seattle ranges from $25 - $40 for the approximately 20-30 minute drive. Shuttle services are available from Shuttle
Express and Grayline of Seattle.

Map of the Light Rail Service:

Shuttle Express:

Grayline of Seattle:

Fun Fact about Seattle: Pike Place Market and Starbucks

Known as "The Soul of Seattle," Pike Place Market boasts 9 acres of shops, farmers markets and much more. Its history
is filled with immigration, renovation and urban renewal. With its inception on August 17, 1907, the Pike Place Market
was designed to bring the farmer and consumer together. In 1971, Starbucks opened its flagship store in the Pike Place
Market in downtown Seattle. Starbucks currently has more than 15,000 stores in 50 countries. Today, the market is
internationally recognized with the tossing of fresh-caught fish amongst the sellers, 190 craftspeople, and approximately
100 farmers who rent table space. Known as 'The Market' by the locals, this upbeat landmark attracts more than
10 million visitors a year.

The Pike Place/1st Avenue level is open Monday through Saturday, 9am to 6pm, and Sunday from 9am to 5pm.
The Down Under stores are open Monday through Sunday from 11am to 5pm. Individual shop hours vary, and select
restaurants and vendors open as early as 7am until as late as midnight.

For more information:


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