SC is the International Conference for
High Performance Computing, Networking,
Storage and Analysis

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Media Resources

SC11 invites writers, editors and industry analysts covering high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis to attend the conference. Media Registration is available in Room 304 in the Washington State Convention Center (WSCC).
Media Room hours are:

  • Sunday, Nov. 13         1pm-4pm
  • Monday, Nov. 14        9am-7pm
  • Tuesday, Nov. 15        8am-5pm
  • Wednesday, Nov. 16  9am-5pm
  • Thursday, Nov. 17      9am-4pm
  • Friday, Nov. 18           9am-Noon

A media interview room (WSCC 305) is also available for reserved use by registered media who wish to conduct interviews. A sign-up sheet will be available in the press room and will be resevered on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to approval by Communications committee representatives. There is a limit on the amount of time that can be reserved in the same day. You can also email to request a reservation.

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