SC is the International Conference for
High Performance Computing, Networking,
Storage and Analysis

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SCC Selection Criteria

A complete team (6 student members and a coach) must be designated at the time of application submission. Teams must submit a proposal describing:

  • Team members (bios and pictures are appreciated but not required)
  • Why are you participating?
  • Why do you believe that you have put together a winning team?
    • What sorts of diversity in skills does your team possess?
    • Why will your team work well together?
    • What experience do you and your team members have?
  • How will your team work together to tune and optimize the application set?
  • General overview of your desired cluster hardware and software configuration (i.e. nodes, cores, memory, interconnect, operating system)
  • For the showcase period of the conference, what demonstrations do you anticipate to impress and attract conference attendees?
  • Explain the commitment of the institution to educating the broader student community about the usefulness and the accessibility of High Performance Computing at your institution; explain how cluster computing is integrated in the educational curriculum of the proposing institution.

Team selection will be based on the team proposal submitted and will be judged by a panel of high performance computing experts from industry, academia, and the national laboratories.

A final architecture proposal is required of each accepted team about a month before the competition. Failure to submit a final architecture proposal will result in automatic disqualification. The final architecture should be closely determined with industrial partner(s), taking into consideration the competition applications. Hardware and software combinations should be generally applicable to any computational science domain. While novel system configurations are encouraged, systems designed to target a single application or only certain benchmarks will generally not be favorably considered. The proposal should contain detailed information about both the hardware being used and the software stack that will be used to participate in the challenge. The detail should be sufficient for the judging panel to determine if all the applications will easily port to and run on the computational infrastructure being proposed.

Examples of successful proposals are available for new participants. Please contact us for more information.

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