SC is the International Conference for
High Performance Computing, Networking,
Storage and Analysis

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State of the Practice

An exciting new element for SC11, the State of the Practice provides a venue for the discussion and exchange of best practices involving provisioning, using and improving the critical systems and services in high performance computing, networking, and storage. SC11 recognizes many of the community challenges that span institutions, architectures and vendors, even within a single facility. The challenges include improving performance at scale, large-scale system management and deployment, highly parallel storage, and energy efficiency, to name a few. It is valuable to provide an open exchange of best ideas and methods for dealing with the aspects of unprecedented scale. The State of the Practice component is a formal, peer-reviewed venue organized to address this need. Reports and presentations will be available as a permanent record within the ACM and IEEE CS archives. We encourage organizations and individuals that may not routinely submit in the technical program to consider this new forum.

State of the Practice (SotP) will have three sessions per day, Tuesday through Thursday, featuring 26 accepted reports from universities, national labs and vendors in the U.S., Asia and Europe. The inaugural session at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 15, will follow the Technical Program focus of "Sustained Performance" with the presentation of reports on varying aspects of performance measurement, benchmarks and metrics (seven in all).

SotP presents the opportunity for all "purveyors" and "consumers" of HPC to share and learn from one another. SotP brings together a range of multi-million dollar HPC centers and more moderately funded centers to highlight their experiences, implementations and "lessons learned" for everyone to use.

SotP is also an excellent opportunity for SC11 vendors to learn for themselves how their customers are fielding and supporting their technology products.

Each of the nine sessions are themed to highlight specific aspects of HPC:

- Performance I
- Performance II
- Perf/Viz/Deploy
- Cloud/Grids
- AICS/Security/Net
- Infra/Cooling/Mgmt
- Applications
- HPC Monitoring/Syslog (featuring five leading HPC Centers)
- HPC Health/User Support

Note: A Tech Program badge is required to attend the SotP sessions.