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SC11 Disruptive Technologies

As part of the SC conference series since 2006, Disruptive Technologies seeks to examine new architectures and technologies that will significantly impact the high performance computing, networking, storage and data analysis ecosystem throughout the next five to 15 years, but have not yet emerged in current systems.

Disruptive technologies represent drastic innovations in current practices such that they have the potential to completely transform the HPC field as it currently exists–ultimately overtaking the leading technologies in the marketplace. Unique in 2011, submissions to the Disruptive Technologies program were also invited to demonstrate their research as part of the SCinet Research Sandbox (SRS). The SRS is designed to allow researchers to experimentally test and demonstrate their ideas on innovative network architectures, applications and protocols in the unique live environment of the SCinet network. This year, the SRS will provide researchers with access to over 100 Gigabits per second of capacity and will feature for the first time a 10 Gigabit per second (Gbps), multi-vendor OpenFlow network testbed connected from the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle to potentially several national research networks to provide wide area OpenFlow capabilities.

The ability to ‘program the network’ through technologies like OpenFlow stands to be one of the most disruptive innovations in high performance computing, an arena that depends on, and pushes, the capabilities of network infrastructure. Virtualization and customization of the network is missing piece of the cloud computing ecosystem, and this stands to finally make it viable for HPC. For this reason, we have coupled Disruptive Technologies with the SRS this year to allow researchers the unique ability to demonstrate the possibilities of this disruptive innovation in HPC.

Disruptive Technologies will hold booth presentations in the sixth floor Exhibit Hall at WL1 as well as host sessions during the Technical Program


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