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High Performance Computing, Networking,
Storage and Analysis

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The SC Tutorials program held this year on Sunday, Nov. 13, Monday, Nov. 14, and Fri Nov 18 - has historically been one of the highlights of the SC Conference, offering attendees a variety of short courses on key topics and technologies relevant to high performance computing, networking, storage, analytics, and this year (for the first time) an outreach program on Friday. Tutorials also provide students the opportunity to interact with recognized leaders in the field and learn about the latest technology trends, theory, and practical techniques.

This year, the SC11 Technical Program Committee has selected 30 half-day and full-day tutorials for Sunday and Monday, and solicited 4 half-day programs for the outreach program on Friday. The tutorials will cover a spectrum of foundation skills, hot topics, and emerging technologies, with material appealing to beginning, intermediate, and advanced HPC professionals.

Click here for a full tech program schedule, including Tutorials. Attendees may choose a one-day, two-day, or three-day passport, allowing them to move freely between tutorials on the selected days. Tutorial notes and luncheons are provided for each registered tutorial attendee. Visit the SC11 registration site to register now.

Important Dates:

Conference Dates: November 12-18, 2011
Tutorials Dates: November 13-14 and 18, 2011

SC11 Tutorials Committee

Tutorials Co-Chairs -Fred Johnson, SAIC
-Thomas Sterling, Loiusiana State University
-Steven R. Brandt, Deputy, Louisiana State University

Tutorial Committee Members

Gabriele Jost,Texas Advanced Computing Center
Tomas Margalef,Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona
Franck Cappello,INRIA and UIUC
Ioana Banicescu,Mississippi State University
Barbara Chapman,University of Houston
Kwan-Liu Ma,University of California, Davis
Diane Rover,Iowa State University
Richard Lethin,Reservoir Labs
Candace Culhane,DOD
John Mellor-Crummey,Rice University
Raymond L. Paden,IBM Corporation
John R. Sopka,EMC
Manish Parashar,Rutgers University
Jeffrey Vetter,Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Georgia Tech
Jose L. Munoz,National Science Foundation
Tommy Minyard,Texas Advanced Computing Center
Blaise M. Barney,Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Elizabeth Jurrus,University of Utah
Richard Barrett,Sandia National Laboratories
Jeff Graham,US Air Force Research Laboratory
Scott Denham,IBM
James (Trey) White III,National Center for Atmospheric Research
Robert F. Lucas,Information Sciences Institute
Terrie Bordelon,Louisiana State University
Thomas Hacker,Purdue University
Zhiling Lan,Illinois Institute of Technology
Keith R. Jackson,Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Bruce Loftis,University of Tennessee
Joel Saltz,Emory University
Vladimir Getov,University of Westminster
Pavan Balaji,Argonne National Laboratory Anne C. Elster,Norwegian University of Science & Technology
Jesper Larsson Tr?ff,University of Vienna
Ganesh Gopalakrishnan,University of Utah
Alice Koniges,Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Raghu Reddy,Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
Kei Hiraki,University of Tokyo
John Grosh,Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Brian Waldecker,AMD
Lauren L. Smith,National Security Agency
Nancy R. Wilkins-Diehr,San Diego Supercomputer Center
Padma Raghavan,Pennsylvania State University
Brent Gorda,Whamcloud, Inc.
John Towns,National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Luiz DeRose,Cray Inc.
Amy Apon,University of Arkansas
Patrick Haven Worley,Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Mary Ann Scott,self-employed
John W. Cobb,Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Xiaodong Zhang,Ohio State University
David Walker,Cardiff University
Beth Plale,Indiana University
Dr.Chockchai Leangsuksun,Louisiana Tech University
Olga T. Pearce,Texas A&M University
Matthew Wolf,Georgia Institute of Technology
William Harrod,DOE Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research
Richard Shaw Kaufmann,HP
Jonathan Carter,Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Yutaka Ishikawa,University of Tokyo
Radha Nandkumar,University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Rod Oldehoeft,Krell Institute
Philip Mucci,University of Tennessee, Knoxville
David H. Bailey,Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Vito Bongiorno,Cray Inc.
William W. Carlson,IDA Center for Computing Sciences
Anthony Kolasny,Johns Hopkins University
Jack Dongarra,University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Dieter Kranzlmueller,Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
Barton Miller,University of Wisconsin-Madison
Valerie Taylor,Texas A&M University
Naoki Sueyasu,Fujitsu
Jennifer M. Schopf,National Science Foundation
Glenn R. Luecke,Iowa State University
Almadena Chtchelkanova,National Science Foundation
Craig B. Stunkel,IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Bradley Settlemyer,Oak Ridge National Laboratory


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